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Mobility Scooter Reviews

Reviews of mobility scooters on various websites and lifestyle magazines provide buyers an unbiased perspective. Before buying mobility scooters, as with any other product, it is best to get educated on the various brand names in the market, their features and their functions.

The biggest of names among the mobility scooter manufacturers are Pride, Golden Technologies, Pacesaver, Rascal, Invacare and Sunrise Medical. Each brand has its own unique strong points and weak points to consider when looking for a mobility scooter.

  • Pride mobility scooters are usually considered to be the best in the three- and four-wheel category. They are very good for internal as well as external use and are easy to maneuver. However, one off-putting factor is the high price of Pride scooters.
  • Similarly, Pacesaver scooters are also top-notch. Owners of Pacesavers vouch for their reliability and after-sales service provided by the company. Pacesaver scooters are also quite user-friendly, in that they have their levers placed in highly convenient positions on the tiller so that maneuverability is easy.
  • Golden Technologies are known for innovations in their products. They have an auto shutdown mechanism in their scooters, which saves their battery life. They are built for sturdy all-terrain use, though priced quite high.
  • Invacare scooters are considered to be good on even, hard terrain - there are faults associated with their movement on soft or uneven ground. Some of their versions have faulty rear fork lifts, which make the scooters give a bumpy ride. However, most of these setbacks have been corrected in their new Zoom series.


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