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Video games are still taking new generations by storm. Mooted as developing superioer cross brain linkages in young children, it is hard placed to say that indulging in pc games is harmful. Others however, are addicted and strenously defend their online game score positions each day.

In this section we focus on playstation to demonstrate how both gaming systems and games have developed to the state today of full multimedia centers capable of far more than game playing.

We cover:



Blu-Ray and HD Game Stations

Whether your choice is Playstation, Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii; the battle of the game stations just keeps building.

Over the past year we have seen the engagement of HD DVD vs. Blu-ray

With the announcement that Paramount and DreamWorks were dropping the Blu-ray format to go HD DVD exclusively, Blu-ray fought back with an aggressive release of new titles. This took the war from the hardware to the mediaware.

For those willing to wait a while...this war may prove to be the foundation of some excellent deals in game stations and video games, alike.

User responses are typically....

"Cheaper players--all that matters!!!!" in the belief the war will be won on the pricing, whilst others are frustrated that the battle is "Killing it for everyone" by moving the focus of development and marketing dollars into slugging it out in advertising to gain supremecy...." If they had bothered to shelve their egos, they could have made an effective choice that would benefit everyone."

In an effort to sort out the hardware from the hurt and the hype, our latest review on game players aims to provide you with an independent update on ongoing battles and game station and DVD Player convergence.


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