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Game Tester  

by William Allen

It is very hard to to believe that playing video games all day could be a real job, but it is! Being a video game tester is an actual job that people get paid to do. It's pretty much one of the most sought after and exciting jobs in the entire world.

This article talks about what a video game tester does and most of the aspects surround the awesome job of game tester.

So, to start off, what exactly does a video game tester do? Basically a game tester plays any upcoming software from Playstation 2 (and the upcoming Playstation 3) Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PC. As the game tester plays the software the game tester looks for inconsistencies that might affect the enjoyment of the software such as general glitches, bugs, art glitches, logic errors, and level bugs. This is done by accessing every possible way of playing the software that the game tester can think of.

When he finds glitches, bugs, level bugs, or logic errors he enters them into a database that holds a list of all the problems, and then the designer's access that database and go back to the software and fix the glitches.


How does a person become a game tester?

The best way is to get a job as a game tester is The Game Tester Guide (you can read more about The Game Tester Guide by clicking on the link in the Author's Bio at the bottom of the page.

You can also try and get the job as game tester by answering ads in the paper. The ads will typically request a Quality Assurance Representative. This is an extremely difficult way to get this job because first of all they rarely run ads in the paper for game tester jobs and when they do run those ads the responses are so overwhelming in number that it would be difficult to get in the door.

However The Game Tester Guide is the choice that offers a much easier route for getting your foot in the door of the industry as a game tester. How much does a game tester make? Typically anywhere from $12-$80 dollars an hour. They make enough to live comfortably without the worry of money problems. Starting wages for video game testers ranges from $12-$16 dollars per hour but with more experience as a game tester and the longer you work the higher the wage you can demand (and will be paid!).


When does a game tester get paid?, What are the requirements to be a game tester?, And do game testers get to keep the games they play?

A game tester gets paid typically after they complete an assignment--which typically means either once a week or once every two weeks (just like getting a paycheck from any other job). The requirements are pretty light. You only need to be 15 years old and be able to show that you know how to play games. And finally most game testers do get to keep the games they play. Most companies allow the game tester to keep the software after the assignment has been completed.


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