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DigitalLife: Where the hard-core gamers and gadget geeks gather.   

by Charly Nguyen

DigitalLife is "the ultimate consumer technology, gaming & entertainment event of the year". The four-day event is dedicated to exposing the digital culture of tomorrow to the consumers of today. Products showcased include, home entertainment, TVs, consumer electronics, home networking, gaming hardware and software, PCs and laptops, mobile technologies such as phones, PDAs, MP3 players. This year it is back in full force with keynote speakers of top-notch consumer tech leaders and innovators from Microsoft Corp., Sony Electronics, Intel, Electronic Arts and Alienware. Exhibitors ranged from Toshiba to Zensys to Skype to Napster and the favorites of the gaming industry featuring the new and unreleased interactive entertainment of the world's leading developers, EA (Entertainment Arts) and Konami.

I'm not really a tech savvy kind of person. But after attending this event, there are quite a number of items I would love to wrap my hands around. Aside from being entertained by the gaming tournaments of F.E.A.R combat, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero II and American Idol, I decided to do a little shopping.

Swapsets.com offers the latest fashion accessory mixed with the latest tech in headphones and headsets. Steffi Thomas has an adorable collection of designs and patterns of headbands. You've seen all those headbands worn around by celebs and the likes. So why not compliment your cute headband with headphones or for those who can talk for hours, the hands free headset.

Everyone has an iPod and unfortunately not much style is put into their covers. A new company called Gelaskins picked up this need for personalization and differentiation of the norm. They offer graphic designs on a premium grade vinyl and the adhesive coats your Pod with a clear, scratch resistant, glossy finish. At Gelaskins.com, you have a choice of photo quality graphics from artists around the world: Gary Odom, Bosch, Alex Noriega and Yumiko Kayukawa to name a few. You can even submit your own designs: If interested they'll take a look and make an offer.

If graphics are not your thing, how about custom laser etching? ETCHamac.com by MacMedia, Inc offers unique etching designs for your Apple items, from the iPod shuffle to the MacBook lap top. They use a CO2 laser done at low power, so it cannot do any harm to your baby. The engraving is permanent, so designs must be chosen with caution.

One item I see as a must have for people on the go is Sony's VAIO UX Micro PC. The moment I picked it up, I fell in love. My personal laptop is big and heavy and I'm too lazy to carry it around. The UX is actually a full-functioning PC that is small enough with a 4.5" widescreen and a light-weight (1.2 lbs.). That's enough to just drop it in my purse and go. Other features UX boasts are wireless Intel Centrino Mobile Technology, touch panel functionality, an MP3 player, two built-in digital cameras for digital photos and live camera chats, a built-in microphone and speakers, and a Biometric fingerprint sensor for your security. The UX is a great gift for just about anyone.

Despite my general lack of interest to gadgets and tech stuff, DigitalLife's event was quite entertaining. Watching consumers marvel at the latest and greatest technology intrigued me into playing around with the gadgets myself. I walked away from the event with a couple of items that are going make my life just a little bit easier and much prettier.

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