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How To Put Videos On PSP In A Breeze!

Learning how to put videos on PSP is in fact a little more complex than doing the same for photos, music or games. Unless you have had someone explain it to you the likelihood that you would work it out on your own is quite slim as there are a number of intricacies to the process. This article will help explain how to put videos on PSP in a step by step manner.

First, you may have noticed that when you format your Pro Duo memory stick for the PSP there are folders included already for photos and music but not one for videos. This is where a lot of the confusion on how to put videos on PSP arises. Here s how you proceed:

In the root directory of the memory stick (meaning the root folder NOT the PSP folder) create a new file called MP_ROOT and within that folder one called 100MNV01. This means your video files will eventually be stored in E:MP_ROOT100MNV01, E: being the appropriate letter of your drive. These names come from Playstation s own coding terminology and will cause your files to be read in the correct way and them to show up in the correct places on your PSP.

The next important step of how to put videos on PSP is that all files need to be converted to MP4 format before they can be viewed via the PSP. There is a specific process for this transfer of file formats that requires the use of what is called a 3GP converter. These movie file converters can usually be found as freeware on the web.

Once the videos are in the right format and the correct setup has been setup on the memory stick to accept the files, how to put videos on PSP becomes pretty easy. You simply move the videos to the previously mentioned folder and remove your USB from the computer.

Finally turn on your PSP and scroll over to the Videos section. Here you should see listed all your files that are in MP4 format that can be selected by pressing O. Press O again to start playing and your done. See, you thought you d never learn how to put videos on PSP when in truth using these instructions makes it a piece of cake!


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