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Software To Copy PS2 Games Quickly

By spending 30 to 50 pounds, you can get a PS2 game. If it is damaged by accident you can restore it or make it usable if you take a little bit of trouble to use proper software to copy the PS2 games quickly.

PS2 games can be copied to the hard disk or regular DVDs, CDs if you are sure of what you are doing and use good quality software.

PS2 games come with nearly unbreakable protection against copying. With certain type of copying process, you need additional hardware, which needs to be installed in your computer to play the PS2 games copied from the original. When you are buying software to copy PS2 games quickly, make sure to know what is involved. Linux or Mac platforms do not support all the PS2 copying software.

When software tries to access areas of the PS2 games, the encrypted content scrambling system or CSS blocks the access if you do not provide the required authentication. It is also illegal to bye-pass this copy protection in some countries so make sure that you are not breaking any law by using the software to copy PS2 games.

A mod chip is required to play back the copied games and software to copy PS2 games too requires them. You add the mod chip to your game console and after modifying it to boot all CDs, not only the coded bit in front indicating that loaded disk contains a video game. External devices are also available which carry out the functions of a mod chip once it is plugged to the system.

Advantage of using software to copy PS2 games is the copied games can be played in the personal computer without adding any other special devices.

For the ultimate game storage and management system, you can try HD Loader (For Playstation 2). This software executes the copy process and stores the entire PS2 games cleanly in the IDE hard disk or the legal PS2 hard disk drive.

Version 2.73 of Game Copy Pro is another technologically advanced software to copy PS2 games quickly.

Copy DVDz is yet another software available in the market to copy PS2 games quickly.


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