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PS3 AND Xbox 360 - One Mans Hate List


For those of you who don’t know David Carnoy – he is a tech reviewer for CNET. Now, I don’t know his exact affiliation or role but he writes good, unbiased reviews, so I follow pretty much what he says about most things. I keep ice-cream reviews to myself!

I was interested therefore, in his recent hate lists on Xbox and PS3. Whilst these lists do not purport to be a complete review of the products in all criteria [design, features, performance, product integrity], the following lists stand on their own merits

Xbox 360

  1. The Color – as Carnoy says, “white bread” beige is not a cool color.
  2. Lack of killer games at launch
  3. Overpriced Accessories - if its not bad enough that features are lacking as standard, and require purchase of accessories; extra wireless controllers, rechargeable battery kit, and faceplates are well overpriced.
  4. 20GB Hard-drive is too small– Seems MS uses a laptop drive instead of a standard desktop hard drive to keep the Xbox 360 size down. More acceptable 60GB or 100GB would make this unit a true high-def media server.
  5. Limited keyboard/mouse support at launch – and no indication from MS when this will be added for use in actual games
  6. No built-in Wi-Fi – wouldn’t be so bad if there were a few more USB ports where a USB Wi-Fi adapter could plug in.
  7. Limited 3 USB Ports - 1 USB port on the back; two USB ports on the front for the upcoming video camera and a second wired controller.
  8. No HDMI or DVI connectivity – albeit a HD-DVD or Blu-ray drive would have rocked, but there is not even an upconverting DVD player to fake out HD via an HDMI or a DVI connection. Such digital connections are an accepted standard on HDTVs, and the PS3 will allegedly offer two built-in HDMI ports.
  9. No built-in card reader – that means no saving games or displaying content (photos, video, music) from a standard flash-memory card, Instead you need to buy another accessory - proprietary 64MB memory card for $40. NOTE: the 360 premium bundle, includes a hard drive so this isn’t necessay]. In comparison, Sony's PS3 has a built-in card reader that supports CompactFlash and SD/MMC in addition to Sony's own Memory Stick format.
  10. Poor market supply – poor planning or controlled demand to maintain pricing? Who knows with MS!


NOTE: CNET awarded PSPs the Editors Choice award; stating it is “hands down, the best portable gaming system we've seen”.

  1. No alarm clock – with both clock and MP3 player onboard, it seems an alarm wouldn’t be out of the expectation of feature set.
  2. UMD volume discrimination – Standard volume is pretty average and
    can only be boosted for movies and games; not MP3s or your own video stored on a Memory Stick Duo card.
  3. No background screen customization – current changes color to Sony specs each month.
  4. No e-book reader or audiobook support. You could try hacking an e-book into separate JPEG images and use PSP's slide-show feature to read it; but with ebooks rocketing in popularity; you shouldn’t have to.
  5. No video out for TV hookup – a real standard feature missed out.
  6. Poor Image-viewing application - adequate but very limited.
  7. No PIM capability – already being addressed by third-party developers. A good indication of consumer demand, omitted by Sony.
  8. No Web browser - Has built-in Wi-Fi but, no Web browser. Go figure! Supposedly Sony are aiming to add this shortly, maybe when they increase compatibility by adding support for WPA-encrypted networks. Almost seems like it’s a basic left out in haste of launch.
  9. No file management software – a keen feature for managing MP3 files, but Sonys best attempt in the PS3 is a simple scroll through the whole list.
  10. Video complications – sounds distinctly similar to comments about Sonys camcorders.

Why is it Sony devices are so user unfriendly? Arrogance or ignorance?

If Sony intended the PS3 just to be a gaming machine, fine. But as a media center it is seriously lacking. And that includes software compatibility for format conversion and ability to synch video, audio, and image files to the PSP.

Overall, the PS3 is certainly not as Sony is billing as "the Walkman of the 21st century"


A Video Comparison of PSP and X-box 360


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