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Portable MP3 Player Reviews

A portable mp3 player makes it so easy to take your favorite songs with you almost anywhere that you want to go and under almost any conditions.

Unlike CD players that have to read the digital music from a CD, mp3 players are much smaller and more compact. That's because the data storage devices used are much smaller than CDs, so the players can be tucked into a pocket of your shirt or pants and be almost invisible as you listen.

But there are already many models to choose from, so here are some top picks from examining online portable mp3 player reviews and customer feedback:

  1. In the flash memory category, which is the smallest and lightest of mp3 players, almost everyone still favors the Apple Ipod Nano even though some other great players are starting to provide more competition. But Apple dominates in the mp3 player area and the Nano shows why. It has an impressive 2GB of memory which can hold around 500 songs. and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The firmware is upgradeable, meaning your mp3 players remains up to date with the lastest portable media file types etc. Another key advantage of all Apple ipods are the equalizer presets, which allow you to adjust the sound to your liking. Read more on Apple iPod Nano
  2. In the micro-drive player category the RCA Lyra is a popular choice with 5GB of file storage. It is also compatible with both Mac and Windows and also has equalizer presets for customized sound. Whilst its display is not quite up the Apple standard, it is still a solid, quality player.
  3. In the hard drive mp3 player category, Apple comes up trmps again, with the Apple Ipod. Apple totally dominates this category selling almost 90% of the high capacity hard drive mp3 players on the market. The Ipod has 30GB of storage space and that is enough to store the entire song collection of many people. It's display is again very good in all conditions, is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and comes with equalizer presets for custom sound. It also has the ability to play video files as well, with excellent picture and sound quality. Read more on 5th Generation Apple iPod.

Apple is still holding its ground as having the best portable mp3 players, according to the number of units sold. However, other mp3 player makes and models are starting to come in close competition. To see the best overall mp3 player, the best featured mp3 player, the best value mp3 player and the closest rival to the ipod. Read this ipod review by category update [Oct 2007]




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