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MP3 / Music Guide on Downloading Music on the Internet


A portable mp3 player makes it so easy to take your favorite songs with you almost anywhere that you want to go and under almost any conditions. Unlike CD players that have to read the digital music from a CD, mp3 players are much smaller and more compact. That's because the data storage devices used are much smaller than CDs, so the players can be tucked into a pocket of your shirt or pants and be almost invisible as you listen. But there are already many models to choose from, so here are some top picks from examining online portable mp3 player reviews and customer feedback:


  1. In the flash memory category, which is the smallest and lightest of mp3 players, almost everyone still favors the Apple Ipod Nano even though some other great players are starting to provide more competition. But Apple dominates in the mp3 player area and the Nano shows why. It has an impressive 2GB of memory which can hold around 500 songs. and is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The firmware is upgradeable which is also a plus to keep you up to date with the latest changes in the mp3 field, and has equalizer presets to help you adjust the sound to your liking. The display is especially good even in low light situations, so this model gets a solid pick.
  2. In the micro-drive player category the RCA Lyra is a fine choice with 5GB of file storage. It is also compatible with both Mac and Windows and has equalizer presets for customized sound. It's display is not quite up to the Apple standards, but otherwise, it's a solid, quality player.
  3. As far as hard drive mp3 players are concerned the nod again has to go to Apple with the Apple Ipod. Apple totally dominates this category selling almost 90% of the high capacity hard drive mp3 players on the market. The Ipod has 30GB of storage space and that is enough to store the entire song collection of many people. It's display is again very good in all conditions, is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and comes with equalizer presets for custom sound. It also has the ability to play video files as well, with excellent picture and sound quality.

As you can see from the above list Apple is still producing the best portable mp3 players, and that is certainly reflected in the high number of units already sold to very satisfied customers. Expect that in the months and years ahead more challengers will emerge with better and better quality and features to give Apple a good run for the money, but at the time of this writing, Apple is still the best overall bet as voiced by many portable mp3 player reviews and consumer feedback as well.

Downloading music off the internet can be a tedious and usually boring task. This article will show you how to find online music faster and more precisely then ever before.

There are a few different ways of obtaining music over the net, however each one has its own set of pro s and cons.

  1. The first way is to download music off a basic web server or website. Not only is this highly illegal, but it puts your computer at risk to any number of ActiveX exploits, porn pop-ups, and forced installs. This of course is necessary to insure that the webmaster of the illegal site gains a profit, off the expense of his surfers.
  2. The second highly popular way to download music is through a peer-to-peer network such as Kazaa, IMesh, Limewire etc. Nothing is ever free! Theses programs are all ad-supported and include spy ware and frequent pop-ups that essentially infect your computer. They hijack your start page, search page etc, and are designed to be extremely difficult to remove.
  3. Recently pay-per download sites have emerged such as Napster and the famous Apple Itunes. These sites unfortunately charge upwards of $1 a song which quickly adds up to a large price for an album. There are alternatives to the high profile sites listed above that offer music at a much reduced price. A web review site recently launched has ranked these programs on a scale of 1 to 5 and has review article for each site. A free music and mp3 review site providing unbiased comparison information of the Top-Rated Music/MP3 download sites. Free MP3 Reviews

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