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New Discrete 4Gig 3G iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle 4Gig
4Gig Ipod Shuffle in Black

The new 3G iPod Shuffle is now the smallest music player in the world, but don’t let that fool you. This amazing little device has 4 Gig of memory and holds 1,000 songs. This minimalistic sleek, shiny slab of technology has it’s remote control on the earbud chord with 3 clickable spots to control volume and play/pause.

Previous iPod Shuffles didn’t have a screen either, making song identification and playlist management impossible. However, according to Apple, the new Shuffle uses a speech command program called VoiceOver to identify songs by holding down the control button. Keep holding until you hear a beep, the names start being listed. Then just click when you get to the one you want or use the + and - buttons to go forward or back through them.

Form Factor: Aluminium casing provides a rugged construction in black or silver aluminum

Sound Quality: – right up there with the best

Battery: battery charge is revealed each time you switch on, so for an update you just power switch off and on again. Provides 10 hours of audio per charge.

USB Connection: the 3G Shuffle comes with a tiny, three-inch white USB cord for charging and uploading music and podcasts from iTunes.

Earbuds: Only uses Apple's earbuds – you need the clicker control on the cord.

Price: $US80.

Comparison to 2G Shuffle

Compared to the 2G square shuffle at $US70 for half the capacity, this new entrant is sure to spoil even the most discerning gadget trend setter.

Since there is a strong following for the 2G Shuffle Arriva.com headphones headband that go around the back of your head, the earbuds fit snugly into your ears without any dangling, tangling cords, Apple is working with headset makers to help them design Shuffle-compatible headphones. Watch for updates.

So the choice is – iPod with a screen so you can double it as a photo/video playback, or iPod discrete?

Get Apple iPod Shuffile

Get Apple iPod Shuffle 4Gig in Silver

Get Apple iPod Shuffle 4Gig in Black


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