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Television Previews For 2007


With the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show fast approaching, we take a look at the predictions of television products in 2007.

Continuing Price Drops: 2006 saw a rapid uptake of HDTV. With less expensive models available in 2007, we don’t expect a slowing down just yet. Panasonic's TH-50PX60U 50-inch plasma, listed at $3,800 at CES 2006, now sells for $1,999. The greatest price drops are expected among big-screen LCDs and 50-inch plasmas. 1080p microdisplays will also cost significantly less than in 2006.

HDMI 1.3: Single-cable, copy-protected HDMI connection. The benefits of this technology are:

  • Picture-quality - The 1.3 standard requires more bandwidth to display 10-bit color video from 2007's 1.3-enabled HD-DVD and Blu-ray players
  • Less false contouring and smoother gradations between colors
  • Automatic lip-sync compensation, addressing the loss of sync between video and audio.

Wider Color Gamuts: Color gamut is the range of different colors a display system can produce and defines points for primary and secondary colors.

Sony and Mitsubishi 2007 will incorporate xvYCC, a color gamut that Mitsubishi claims is 180 percent of the DTV standard. Remember though, the source content also needs to be encoded in the wider gamut, so film producers will need to put out xvYCC-enabled films in 2007.

Faster Refresh Rates: Refresh rate refers to the number of new frames shown per second. The current flat-panel LCDs refresh rate is 60Hz. Some LCD sets in 2006 had a faster refresh rate of 120Hz, more will be introduced in 2007. This helps to reduce blurring during fast motion with LCDs.

LED and Laser Power: Flat-panel LCDs with LED backlights are expected again in 2007. This supposedly massively improves picture quality. Past attempts such as Samsung's 2006 DLP TV--with an LED light engine replacing the standard bulb-and-color wheel did not live up to promise. Check out Mitsubishis alternate light engine technology in its laser powered HDTV.

3D HDTV: Samsung are expected to release their 3D capable HDTV before other manufacturers. Whilst being launched at CES 2007, will it reach commercial release this year?

Larger Plasma TV Screens: The largest current screen at 103-inch is the size to beat.

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