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In Wall Speaker Review


In-wall speakers, also known as recessed ceiling speakers, are an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy music while keeping the speakers invisible.

This type of speaker system has many advantages over a conventional speaker. The most noted being, they only require limited space, and as such are suitable to install in small or formal areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

Other names for in-wall speakers are in-ceiling speaker and recessed ceiling speakers.

Types of In-Wall Speakers

There are hundreds of in-wall speakers available in the market, most with state of the art featuret. This makes it difficult to choose between different kinds of in-wall speakers.


Surround Sound In-Wall Speaker

In-wall surround sound speaker systems are most ideal in a home theater environment.

In-wall surround speaker systems include: subwoofers, volume controls, cables, and two or more speakers including a rear speaker.

Generally, surround sound speaker systems are available in two designs: monopole and bipole.

Matrix sound and discrete sound are among the prime technologies employed for the performance of surround speaker system.

In-wall surround sound speaker system also has some disadvantages. Since it has static position, in-wall surround sound speaker systems sometimes lead to poor accuracy. Further, its installation cost is high. Another factor affecting proper functioning of in-wall surround sound speakers is diffraction loss.

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Positioning Your In-Wall Speakers

The place you install your in-wall speaker is where it will give you the best possible audio listening quality.

For movie, or music, the best position is your ear level. Thats at a height of about 40 inches above the floor level.

You also need to consider the space between each speaker. The basic rule is to keep them about six to ten feet away from each other and at least three feet away from the corners of the room. This will ensure that the sound quality is the best possible one for the space concerned.

A big advantage of wall mounted speakers is that their position can be changed. The ball and socket design of the wall-mounted speakers allow easy movement during the positioning of the shaft.

Angling of the speakers is achieved using the mounting shaft. These will generally allow direction at any angle through 180 degrees.

Wall mounting brackets make positioning the speakers in inconvenient places, such as high on the ceiling, near a corner, or against the side of an angled wall, has become easy.

In-Wall Speaker Buying Guide

Before selecting a wall-mounted speaker must make sure that the speaker’s impedance and power matches with that of amplifier.

Power Rating - The speaker’s power rating should be at least that of the output power coming from the amplifier.

Impedence Rating - The speaker’s OHM rating should also match with the amplifier.

Size - There is no relation between the quality and the size of the speakers. Some wall-mounted speaker systems come with tiny satellite speakers to handle high and midrange frequencies and a subwoofer is used for extra bass.

Manufacture Warranties - check websites for speaker manufacturers to get all the relevant details. You can also search online for reviews from other wall-mounted speaker customers to help you make the right choice.

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