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High Definition DVD

By: Hyun Kim

Definition of High Definition DVD

High definition DVD is like an evolution in DVD format rather then just an outright revolution. If we compare the audio and video quality the difference just like what was in DVD and VHS Tapes. Now day s television sets are compatible to display high definition pictures quality. If talk more precisely high definition DVD offers about 1080 lines of video resolution then compare to 576 or 480 lines offered by other DVD.

Need of High Definition DVD

The answer is very similar to the reason for choosing DVD rather then VHS Tapes. Not only high quality audio and video, the increased capacity of High definition DVD is the major advantage over DVD. You can store one full movie in one single disc rather than using multiple disks as earlier.

However using High definition DVD no where means that your existing DVD media gone obsolete. Almost all the latest high definition DVD is fully compatible to the older DVD media. In fact most of latest High Definition DVD formats also capable of increasing the resolution of old DVD to upwards which means you can still enjoys your old collection in latest High definition DVD format. This feature will sooner or later be found in almost all-High definition DVD players. This up scaling not equals to real high definition movies but this can provide you high resolution without loss of quality.


Various Format of High Definition DVD

Two major competing formats are HD DVD and other is Blu ray disk or simply BD. Other formats are also there but all these are based in Asia these includes EVD, FVD etc.


Playing High Definition DVD on Computer

As of now there is no fully compatible system is available to play real high definition DVD. To display highest audio/video resolutions there is requirement of high-speed processor and dedicated audio decoding hardware. Cyberlink the maker of PowerDVD has taken some initiatives by demonstrating playing some HD DVD with PowerDVD on Intel Pentium D processor in September 2005.

Cyberlink is also demonstrated paying of Blu Ray disks with PowerDVD. The latest versions of PowerDVD deluxe support various High definition DVD formats including H264 etc. Other players in market are makers of winDVD, another High definition DVD player software.


Blu-Ray Vs HD DVD format of High Definition DVD

Blu ray is one of two most popular high definition DVD format. It uses blue-violet laser for reading and writing data that is why is called Blu ray or BD. On the other hand HD DVD is another most popular High definition DVD format. HD DVD is not synonymous to High Definition DVD but it s just a format of High definition DVD.

HD DVD and Blu Ray both comes in three different formats one is readable only called ROM second is Writable and third is Rewritable.


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