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Improve Your Golf Swing By Relaxing


One of the hardest things for a Golfer to accept and action is to relax to play better golf. Typically, the more we TRY to relax, the less relaxed we are, as the very act of TRYING requires effort.

Have you noticed that you often hit better on the range than on the course, or play better when on holiday, than straight after a days work.

The body must be physically relaxed to swing smoothly. A relaxed body requires a relaxed mind. Thinking about your swing as you swing is not the answer. Learn during your lessons, practice during your practice swings, then forget about everything as you line up on the tee and address the ball. Make relaxing a separate step in your pre address routine.

Clear the mind, and trust your body to follow the muscle memory you have built up around your swing during practice.

Use a particular technique that works for you. I use an old tune, "Fly Me To The Moon" that just seems to fit perfectly with my slow back-swing.  This keeps me in tempo and means I can't think about anything else.

Let the ball take care of itself as it lies in the path of the club and your next great shot!


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