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Find Out The Secret Of Having The Best Golf Shoes For Your Game

There are many pieces of golf equipment that are unnecessary for most golfers. One piece of equipment that doesn t fall in that category are golf shoes.

There are many different types of golf shoes on the market, so it's hard to find the right pair for you. This article will endeavor to teach you all you need to know about golf shoes so you can make an informed decision when you decide to go buy a pair.


Golf Shoe Type One

The first type of golf shoes that are very popular amongst many players on the PGA, are studded shoes. Now you re probably wondering "isn't every golf shoe studded?" and you're right. Every golf shoe is studded except the types of studs carry from shoe to shoe. The first one we will be talking about is the metal studded golf shoe. In fact the studs are more like metal spikes and gives players extra grip when they are taking their shot.

Extra grip usually means more balance and a well balanced stance is generally going to create a much smoother and cleaner shot. Lately there has been one concern with metal studded golf shoes and that is the fact they tend to damage greens when players are putting. There is nothing more frustrating for a golfer when their ball strikes a divot in the green when they are putting. It's something that of course has been addressed and with that we can move onto the second type of golf shoe.


Golf Shoe Type Two

The second type of golf shoe that is beginning to become more popular than the first is the rubber studded golf shoe. Most players on the PGA wear a pair of rubber studded golf shoes. Most people who wear them say there is no difference between the level of balance attained from the rubber studs and the metal studs. This is great news because rubber studs tend to make very little if not any damage to the surface of greens. This means that there will be a reduction in the number of balls missing the hole due to divots in the green. This of course is going to save a hec of a lot of frustration for everyone.

Therefore if you are looking to buy a pair of new golf shoes than your best bet is to buy a pair of rubber studded shoes. I mean everyone else is so why not you too!

Now that you understand the difference between golf shoes, the following article gives further guidelines on choosing the right pair for you.

Golf Shoes- How To Increase Your Success At Golf By Choosing The Right Pair

With the explosion in interest in golf many people want to get in on it. With the followership players like tiger woods have sparked in this sport you are definitely not alone in wanting to play the game. It is a very interesting game with a lot of thrills and challenges that goes with it. It is also a good builder of character believe it or not because it is a game which builds determination and persistence. Anyone who has played the game can attest to the hunger for success it breads.

After the golf balls and golf club the next most important thing are the golf shoes. It is very important as the game does require some walking on the course and also most golf resorts are picky about what kind of shoes they allow on their course. It makes sense really as you would not go to the basketball court in a pair of work shoes or high heel shoes. It is also done to ensure the golf course grass remains in good condition and does not get damaged as it is important that the grass remain in good condition to enhance the quality of the game. Also golf shoes are specifically designed for your comfort on the golf course.

But the most important reason for any intending golf player to get the right golf shoes is due to their golf game itself. The most important part of the golf game is the swing. To get the best swing requires the proper stance which only golf shoes can ensure especially on a golf course. It is almost impossible to get the right and effective swing wearing the wrong shoes. Golf shoes creates grip which helps a players stance. Ordinary shoes do not do this and can lead to sliding as you are playing on a course with many different angles and levels, including slants.

Golf shoes are specially designed to keep you from sliding and enhance your balance while taking that swing. They are made with either hard or soft spikes. Soft spikes unlike hard spikes-which provide more traction on the course- are usually preferred by players not because of any necessary advantage but because they can also be worn around the course as well as the club house.

Getting the right golf shoes can be as simple as shopping online or at the local golf store. Golf stores are an option if one is close to home. If on the other hand you don t have one around your home shopping online for them are a very good options as you get to look at as many brands you want without felling the pressure to make a purchase and vacate the store. Generally shopping online for a pair is more leisurely.

A good question before shopping is to know how you intent to move around on the golf course. If you intend to use a golf cart more than walking then you might want to go ahead and purchase golf shoes with hard spikes but if you will be doing a lot of walking-maybe to get in some exercise as well- then it is advisable to get soft spike golf shoes. Today s golf shoes be they soft or hard spikes shoes have come a long way from their ordinary looking predecessors and are quiet fashionable and enhance your golf outfit as well.


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