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Experiencing A Great Golf Game

Although great deal of interest has been recently directed to the amazing game of golf, as in all things in life, golf does maintain a fair part of its own mystery and does indeed entail change and progress. For example, the origin of golf is still open to debate among Chinese, French, Dutch and Scottish, while the golf course has not always had eighteen holes. Whether people will one day agree on who invented golf first or decide to add more holes on the golf's playground is a matter of time and interest. But, what golf professionals, fans, and spectators in general, undoubtedly attest is golf is an excellent game to exercise the human body and mind.

In fact, the most crucial aspects of the golf swing and the game, in general, all revolve around the building of a strong and solid foundation fro the body, the mind and the basics of an athletic swing. Specifically, the most important concepts that play a critical role in our understanding of what creates a great round of golf, as well as to what contributes to a lifetime of enjoyment of the game, are stamina, stability, strength, flexibility, spirit, sequence and skill.

Although many golfers tend to ignore the cardiovascular element of golf, the great American golf championship Tiger Woods has stated that fatigue can affect one's focus and cause the player to make a bad decision. If one considers in addition to this comment that golf walkers cover approximately a distance of 4-5 mile in each round, staying in shape is as important as knowing how to golf.

Then, a golfer has to think about stability. Developing strength from the core region of the body outwards, allows forces to be transferred successfully from one's feet to his arms and thus to his ball swing. Finding and practicing on keeping a specific posture, stabilize one's trunk and joints, can separate the good from the great golf player. More specifically, strength comes in many forms with regard to the golf swing. Exercising and developing strong back muscles allow the golfer to exercise greater forces on a swing. In fact, experts support that combined muscle strength produces balance and coordination.

Of course, flexibility is perhaps the most crucial physical characteristic a golfer must possess, as it directly influences a golf swing. Maintaining a tight body might result in a restricted swing motion and produce less that optimal results. Keeping a flexible body posture, while being firm and confident is a goal few golf players in the history of golf have managed to attain. Directly affected by the flexibility factor, a true understanding of proper body motion at each sequence will ensure consistency in one's swing. Essentially, it is the goal of every golfer to manage to develop and maintain a fluid, but repeatable golf swing. But apart from the necessary golf practice, developing good swing mechanics requires the presence of skill. Considered as an absolute necessity, in every sport, skill cannot be underestimated.

Finally, a golfer should keep in mind that a winning and positive attitude is everything in this game. As in every competitive game, what one thinks, says or how one selects to act can contribute positively or negatively to the game's outcome. Keeping a positive and hopeful spirit when playing golf can be one of those things that will lead you to victory.


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