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Best Golf Balls Are There Such Things?

Every golfer has his own opinion of what the best golf balls are. The best golf balls are not necessarily the highest priced, nor those that come top in the experts reviews. To many, the best golf balls are those with which they scored their lowest ever score, or hit a hole in one. Many who had a hole in one with a particular golf ball will not play with any other.


Different Balls do Different Things

Some golf balls are made for distance and others for spin. So if you find a golf ball that you can hit a great distance off the tee, you may find that you cannot stop it on the green, or fade it round that dogleg. Others are made specifically for spin and control, so while you may compromise a bit on distance, your short game is much better.


The Best Balls May Depend on How Good You Are

Golf balls are made in varying degrees of hardness, and with different types of cover which can impart more or less spin. The harder the ball, the farther it will generally travel, but the less easy it will be to get spin it due to its lack of compression against the club head at the point of impact. Beginners will usually find that the best golf balls for them are those that travel farthest, while the pros may prefer a ball with a higher degree of compression which gives more spin, and hence will be easier to control better while in flight and after landing.

So the Best Golf Balls for some are not necessarily the best golf balls for others. It may not be wise to pick a golf ball because you can drive it 250 yards, or because you can stop it on a dime. You should choose a ball that allows you to play your best overall game. This may not be the best golf ball for your buddy, but it will be for you.


Golf Balls Should Fit The Player

Golf balls are like clubs: they should fit the player, and your ball should match your style of play. If you are a really long hitter, but fall down when it comes to the short game round the greens, then perhaps you should change to balls that allow you easier control over spin. These will then be the best golf balls for you. On the other hand if you are great round the greens but can t get the distance you may require a slightly harder cover, and rely on your club work to get the spin and control rather than the ball itself.


Cheap Does Not Necessarily Mean Bad

Some swear that the Titleis Pro V1x or the Bridgestone Tour B330 are the best golf balls, but just as many swear by the cheap ball they bought in their local discount store that gives them both length and short game control.

The best golf balls? No such thing.

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