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Product Recalls

Elliptical Cross Trainer - SportsArt Home and Light Institutional Elliptical 807p


SportsArt line are relatively to the market challenging Precor and Life Fitness in quality, at a lower price. Orders are shipped from SportsArt via freight.

For around $2600 you can expect to find this product better than many $5000 models used at health clubs, and offers more diverse features that other models on the market.

Best Recommendation

Highly recommended in the $2000 and under category. Keys: A quality, adjustable stride, smooth and stable. Only Precor and Life Fitness better the SportsArt but at higher cost.

Best Features

Quality - feels quality in the ride, in spite of some bouncy feel at high intensity.

Ride Performance - Solid, smooth, and versatile.

Computer Display - superior screen (colored, bright LED) is worth the additional 10% premium as it is so easy to read in all conditions as compared to the LCD of the 805P.
See console below.

Cost - Around the $USD 2,600 it is still pricey but the value it offers is more than other units over $4,000.

Worst Features

Stride - Jerking on low levels

Programs - Limited programs


  • Weight - 175lb weight. Warning: the box is large and heavy. You will need two people to move it around, or one if you can drag it into location to assemble, then it can be moved using the two wheels on the frame.
  • Assembly - is pretty easy as the majority of the unit is already setup. Takes 1-2 hours, with some dealers including setup in the cost of purchase (I saved a quite a bit though without the dealer setup).
  • Quality - The unit is solid and hefty. Solid heavy gauge steel is used and the 807 can be described as "light industrial" duty. All parts seem befitting of a $2k machine (unlike my bowflex).
  • Performance - The 807 model is identical to the 805 with exception of an improved display screenand heart rate chest strap.
  • Console - the console displays on all SportArt elliptical trainers are amongst the best in the business.
  • Programs - manual mode, 3 preset programs, a custom program or a heart-rate responsive program.
  • Heart rate monitoring - the chest strap heart monitor is a KEY feature . The 805/7 also both have heart rate measuring grips but like most other units with this feature, they are not that reliable.
  • Stride length adjustment - is motorized up to a 26" stride which is adjustable on the fly via a switch on the handlebars.
  • Mobility - Frame wheels for moving.
  • Warranty - 2 year parts, 1 year labor (non-commercial use).
  • Customer Support - SportsArt has a toll-free line with staff proving very responsive.

Limits Of Use

Weight of User - Max 300lb

User Experiences

Some may say that is too few preset programs but it does everything I want from it.

The hand grip heart monitor does not work as well as the chest strap--it often does not produce an accurate heart rate unless your hands are sweaty.

The resistance levels of the 807 is sufficient for all but the hardcore athlete. At high resistances, instead of jogging, it feels more like stepping.

I really like the adjustable stride length, I am 6'4" and having a longer stride makes the elliptical much more comfortable.

I noticed that on lower levels the stride isn't as smooth as higher levels there is a little jerking.

After a years intensive use, the unit has held up both in performance and construction.

The unit is very solid with only very minimal sway that is noted only with higher load settings. Much of that has to do with the relatively soft rubber pads on the front of the unit--the rear has beefier rubber pads and does not move. I am very satisfied with the stability although I am a 6', 185# man and not the 300# maximum weight allowable user.

User Tips

No major problems to report after using the SportsArt for a little over a year.

Maintenance - calls for lubing the grease fittings.

Vibrating Noise - Unit started developing a vibration noise after a short time. I isolated it to the plastic cover on the back of the display. I removed the cover and placed a few small adhesive-backed felt pads and the noise went away.

Slide durability - The white plastic rollers produce some residue, left on the floor. This is understandable as a "wear" part and I should note that even with the residue; the rollers don't seem to show much wear.

Slide durability - after 12 months the silicon/plastic slides the tracks move on are soft, so expect to see shreds of white plastic (and then brown as it wears through) on the floor below the machine.

NB: Known issues of elliptical trainers are only those experienced by individual users are are not necessarily and indication of poor quality on all units. They are included here purely as a guide as to likely problems with tips on how to remedy.

More SportsArt Models

SportsArt also manufacture two commercial elliptical trainers - the E82 and the E8300.

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