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Product Recalls

Elliptical Trainer - Octane Fitness Q35


Octane only make elliptical trainers. The Octane Q35 was the first home model made. This has subsequently been followed by the Q37 and Q45.

Octane elliptical trainers are noted for a more natural feeling than other top elliptical trainer brands, such as the Precor. This is due to its proprietary Body-Mapping Ergonomics and the QuadLink drive for a natural, smooth, total-body motion. Octane also made three Commercial models - Pro350, Pro3500 and Pro4500.

The Octane has received a number of consumer and industry awards including:

Best Recommendation

Definitely the best ergonomic designed elliptical trainer.

Octane Q35 Best Features

  1. Ride Performance - awesome liquid-smooth feel, great body/feet positioning, and ver very natural stride make this a very quiet, very comfortable workout.
  2. Compact size – its small footprint makes it very home gym friendly.
  3. Natural feel – has an auto stride adjust to give a running feel [without the jarring]. The width of the stance is more natural also, being narrower than most elliptical trainers.

Octane Q35 Worst Features

  1. Quality - Early quality issues with the Q35 have improved in later models. See User Tips section below for issues experienced. Check these have been resolved on subsequent models and be wary of purchasing second hand Q35's.
  2. Monitor - very basic for the price paid. The readouts are not as interesting to watch as monitors on other more expensive machines. It provides the basics: Calories, calories/hour, distance, pace, heart rate, and time.
  3. Weight - Very heavy, so make sure they deliver if for you. Heavy is good for larger bodies.


  • Octane Q37 Elliptical Trainer
    Weight - 255 lbs. Handles larger size bodies effortlessly.
  • Level of resistance - the lowest level is significantly higher than that of other ellipticals. This provides a good challenge at the lowest resistance levels; giving a good progression path forward.
  • Close pedal spacing - closest in the industry at 1.8”, your comfort is ensured since the hips don’t have to shift laterally and tax the lower back.
  • Wireless remote heart monitor chest strap - stays in place and works perfectly.
  • User Profile Customisation - My QuickStart supports two customized user profiles [body weight, age, starting resistance level, and exercise program]. Assigned to two buttons on the console. One touch and you are off on your favorite workout, no programming needed.
  • Random program mode [X-Mode] cycles through all the various exercise programs in random sequence. Good for breaking the monotony of your standard routine.
  • Glute Kicker mode - this one hurts, so it works!
  • Ten program modes: five regular programs [manual pace, random, interval, hill, and run-simulation], and five heart rate programs [fat burn, cardio, heart rate interval, heart rate hill, and heart rate speed interval].
  • On the fly changes to programs, resistance, and time as many times as you like during workouts.
  • Very small footprint - fits any room with a lower step-up height than most elliptical trainers. This makes is very easy getting on and off, which is a bonus for those with hip or knee problems.
  • Warranty - one year on labor, three years on parts, and lifetime on frame

Download fact sheet for Home models: Q35, Q37 and Q45

Download fact sheet for Commercial models: Pro350, Pro3500, Pro4500

User Experiences

It's more expensive than other models, but its motion felt smoother and more stable than anything else we tried.

After trying 3 other ellipticals at home [all the lower-priced ones broke after 9-12 months of use]. This machine is expensive, but the value for the money makes it a great investment in a machine that should work well for many years.

The machine is very sturdy, stable, and has a very natural stride. Both the footpedals and moving handlebars feel very comfortable during a short or long [over 60 mins] workout. The footpedals are closer together than any other machine, so the stride feels very natural. The elliptical angle doesn't put any stress on my knees, unlike many other ellipticals. The movement is incredibly smooth and silent. It has the liquid-smooth feel of a Precor machine, without all the noise or knee pressure.

The machine has a good range of resistance, so it can be easy to use for a beginner and can also be "dialed up" to provide a more vigorous workout. The "trainer" mode provides a great change of pace to a workout routine, where the screen prompts the user to use different muscle groups (pushing the bars, pulling the bars, forward, backward, squat). The heart-rate monitor works very well for a balanced heart rate workout -- I only wish that they had a hand-contact monitor rather than the chest strap monitor.

The machine is almost silent in use. It is so quiet that I don't have to turn up the TV volume while watching TV and working out at the same time.

I like the workout better than with the gym ellipticals Precor, LifeFitness, and Reebok.

I purchased this machine after trying out several machines both higher and lower in price. This machine is very solid and quiet. It provides a good workout and is easy to use and quite comfortable. I have a very bad knee and the low impact of this machine doesn't bother my knee at all.

It has the foot pads a little closer together than some other ellipticals which makes for a more natural stride. The stride is a little longer. The heal comes up on the back stroke making for a more stable ride. It is easy to get onto which is important for my 5'1" wife, but it also handles my 5'11" stride with ease.

Have done NO maintenance on it and it feels like the day they delivered it.

Easy to get on. More natural stride. Stable. Good heal support.

You can try the Octane Commercial Models at a number of gyms and health clubs - Click here for directory

User Tips

Noise - Machine started whisper quiet and smooth. 6 Months later it has loud movement sounds with rotation and one foot petal developed a side to side wobble. Technical unable to fix or diagnose. Disappointing for a $2,100 unit.

Does not hold up under heavy use - Used two out of every three days for 50 minutes each day (8-9 miles). Use a Stairmaster 4600 on alternate training days (every third). Q35 has does not stand up to a stout workout regimen.

Poor quality of some components – Emits a loud grind/squeak noise from the right pedal rail area. Tried replacing the right wheel assemblies, then the right pedal lever and then the chrome rail assembly. The only part left to change is the rail assembly. Octane personnel have been supportive in quickly sending parts but there are only a few qualified techs to repair it, so you are it!.

Inoperable within two weeks of purchase - replaced by another unit. The second unit developed a clunking noise after 6 months of light use. Two service calls later, one of which took 2 weeks to get a replacement part for the resistance mechanism and the second to fix a mislocated belt preventing the pedals from working, left us without use of the machine for nearly a month.

QuickStart feature - program for setting two different users is not working properly. The setting for the first user keeps overriding the settings for the second user.

Clanking Noise - Two weeks into ownership a metallic CLANK developed inside the guts of the machine with every revolution. The technician diagnosed a loose connection at the axle that goes through the main flywheel where it connects to the left pivot arm. He tightened up the axle, but 10 minutes of use after he left and the CLANK reappeared. The store sent out a brand new one to replace it within 48 hours. No problems thus far with the replacement.

Octane Website

NB: Known issues of elliptical trainers are only those experienced by individual users are are not necessarily and indication of poor quality on all units. They are included here purely as a guide as to likely problems with tips on how to remedy.

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