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Product Recalls

Elliptical Cross Trainer - Nautilus NE 3000


Gives a great workout, good price, but has some mechanical constraints. The Nautilus NE 3000 has a shorter stride compared to some makes, such as the Precor. This works different muscles and can make the reverse stride more comfortable

At a cost of around $USD2000 it compares well with the more expensive Life Fitness and Precor models.

Best Features

Computer Programs - The 3 minute fitness test program gives a number rating for cardio health – great to monitor our progress over time.

Worst Features

Size - It is long and tall and heavy - needs a lot of space.

Quality - some issues with mechanical quality. May have been resolved by now so check with vendor. Read User Tips section below for details.

Cost - Expensive

Stride Length - Short stride may be annoying for tall people

Usability - Can't manually adjust resistance or change the target rate after you start.

No memory - Not powered so memory only holds 15-30 seconds, then system will loose track of your workout. Can't program routine settings, looses memory during workout pause. Must enter age and weight each time you workout which can be somewhat of a pain.

Other Features

  • Heart rate strap and two sets of heart rate controls
  • Number of programs varying resistance at preset intervals.
  • Rolling wheels in the front to help moving

Limits Of Use

Does not suit taller people – need to plant feet a bit farther back on the pedals to avoid hitting your knee. One added benefit of this machine is our 11 and 13 year old daughters "fit" the machine and can use it safely.

Will not fit in all spaces - Measure the height of the ceiling in the room you are putting it as my husband is too tall to use it in the room we had it delivered in.

User Tips

Damage to Floor from weight - Recommend placing on a rubber mat to protect our wood floors and floor coverings.

Hand grip heart rate monitor - does not work very well.

Heart Rate Monitor - appeared not to be working, but we discovered the machine was picking up a previous users monitor (he was still wearing it while walking around the room).

Out of Box Electronics Problem - After two replacements, the electronics have worked fine.

Mechanical Reliability - After 3 months the unit developed a knocking noise. The problem was the connection between one of the arms that carry the pedals and the rear crank would work its way loose. Tightening it, lock tight, and even replacing the part didn't work. After 8 months they replaced the whole system. Since then it has worked very well. However, it has recently developed a knock again. I tightened it and it is fine. However, in investigating the problem I found that the joint where shafts that move the arm units are wearing; having only plastic bushing instead of ball bearings.

NB: Known issues of elliptical trainers are only those experienced by individual users are are not necessarily and indication of poor quality on all units. They are included here purely as a guide as to likely problems with tips on how to remedy.

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