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Why Shortcuts Don't Cut It

Go Reviews Note: Been chasing that bench press record? Tempted to take shortcuts to get your training program target faster. Let Christopher tell you why shortcuts just don't cut it.

Have you ever wanted to take a fitness shortcut, go on a popular fad diet, take a pill or other supplement to set that new bench press record, or use some other way to cheat your way to greater health?

Me neither.

Well, since we have that out of the way, let s talk about why shortcuts will bring you nothing but trouble.

Wait you have tried shortcuts?

You ve been on fad diets, crash diets, and crazy exercise all day programs to try and lose weight?

Why didn't you tell me? Lol

Ok, Ok, Ook .I ll forgive you

This time.

Ok, since I forgave you of all of your cheating ways ..let me explain why shortcuts will ultimately get you nowhere.

Let me give you a sentence that you should keep with yourself forever. When you take a health and fitness shortcut, you are ultimately cheating yourself. Let me repeat that if your eyes had some trouble reading that

***When you take a health and fitness shortcut, you are ultimately cheating yourself.***

How are you cheating yourself, you may be asking? Good question

When you take shortcuts, i.e. crash/fad diets, taking supplements that have God only knows what in them, and doing other crazy things to lose weight (starving yourself, surgery, etc.), you are ultimately HURTING your body, whether you notice it or not.

Why would you want to hurt your body? Why do want to take supplements that are potentially unsafe cough, cough, Ephedra.

Well, we all know why you and/or others take these products.

It's to ultimately lose weight. Or get in better shape. Look better for your class reunion. Or try to make that guy/girl jealous, lol. Or maybe it s to impress that certain person(s). No matter what your goal is ..there is a better way. Actually, there is a MUCH better way. It's called, Doing it the right way .

In order for you to reach ultimate health and/or fitness success, you must Do it the right way .

What is the Right Way ? Well, let me tell what it's not:

Starving yourself

  • Popping diet pills
  • Depriving yourself of sleep
  • Silly liquid diets
  • Crazy all meat diets
  • Non-stop exercise

And that s just the beginning.

Don't ever, ever, ever, bring yourself down to this level to THINK you need the above
shortcuts to get fit. You don't!

And, if you do it the right way you will lead a lifestyle that is SUPREME to anything a shortcut will ever give you. No matter how out of shape, overweight, or unhealthy you think you are ..no shortcut will ever give you the success you re looking for.

As a matter of fact, there is a pretty good probability that it will do more harm than good.

It will take some work, it will take some discipline, but doing it the right way will lead you to more success than you could ever imagine. Step up to the plate, and make that change I ll talk to you soon.

By: Chris Callegari, founder of www.fitnesswithchris.com is unleashing his real-world exercise, fitness, nutrition, and healthy eating tips to the world, to help support lifestyle changes for any and everyone.


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