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Standard DVD Player Reviews


To gain some insight into standard DVD players we reviewed the DVD player reviews to provide you the summary ratings below.


Philips DVP3140/37

Estimated price - $US40 with a rating of "Recommended"

A great basic DVD player, reviewing notes including:

  • Installation and use are easy.
  • Picture quality is "fine,"
  • Boot-up is fast.
  • No problems recognizing or playing any discs - can read DivX-encoded videos authored on a PC (DivX is a compression format used when saving large files to recordable CDs or DVDs).
  • Lightweight, quality build, however the disc tray is rather thin, making it more susceptible to breaking.
  • Good image quality, given the price
  • Easy to use.


Sony DVP-NS55P/S

Previously named by CNET as "the best basic DVD player". That model has now been usurped by the Sony DVP-NS57P/S [est. $60] .

This model:

  • Can read commercial DVDs, audio CDs and MP3 files.
  • Able to screen home movies burnt onto DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW discs with a DVD burner
  • Displays JPEG photo files burned onto discs.
  • Sony claims the drive system "does a better job in compensating for warped discs".
  • Lacks of an S-video output.

Most user reviews were positive on the DVP-NS55P/S, although a few users report units that failed to work or that suddenly stopped reading discs a month or two into ownership.


Sony DVP-NC85H/B

Another 5-disc DVD player, available in black or silver at an estimated cost of $125.

This DVD players is gaining good scores from user feedback, with the biggest complaint regarding CD playback. The player's shuffle mode is limited to a single CD, whereas you can set some players to shuffle play among all five CDs. This is a big disappointment for many who purchased this DVD player for CD playback as well as DVD playback.


Toshiba SD-4000

Price - [est. $40]

A multi-disc player to cut down on the manual disc-swapping. Multi-disc changers are also a good idea if you plan to use your DVD player to listen to CDs. You can load five or six discs at a time.


  • DivX playback capabilities like the Philips DVP3140/37, but is compatible with fewer DVD and CD formats.
  • Biggest issue reported is that the audio and video on DVDs are sometimes out of sync.


Panasonic DVD-F87S/K

[ 'S' and 'K' at the end of the model number denote silver and black finishes] Estimated Price $125 .

A 5-disc DVD player with DVD/CD capabilities in addition to reading MP3, WMA and JPEG files.

A great feature is its ability to continue playing one disc whilst you change the other four.

  • Great changer's fast-forward/reverse modes.
  • Allows random play from all five loaded CDs.
  • Good user comments about its sound, performance and low cost.
  • Some complaints re its durability.


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