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Kodak Zi8 HD High-Def Video Camera


Kodak Zi8 HD Hi Def Video Camera

Will the Kodak Zi8 HD High-Def Video Camera Knock out 'The Flip'? Most reviews suggest it will.

I have been looking to update my old video camera for some time and was really interested to hear about the Kodak Zi8 HD High-Def Video Camera. So I just had to do a bit of research and here is what I found others were saying:

The main things I needed were:

  • Better than average video quality
  • Audio input jack - a lacking in many of the more expensive video camcorders
  • At least 4 hour film storage
  • 4 hour shooting battery life - or easy to swap out, inexpensive addtiional battery accessory
  • Reasonable price - i like to upgrade on features every few years
  • Very portable, I travel a lot and baggage weight becomes an issue with all the AV and computer equipment I take with me
  • Easy to use video editing software [non proprietary output]
  • Usable with a tripod

From what i have found, the Kodak Zi8 HD has:

  • Fantastic quality - reviews suggest this tiny video camera puts out way beyond any other video camera on the market for under $USD500
  • 1080p video with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • No built-in memory, and unfortunately no card is included. The expandable SD/SDHC card slot can hold up to 32 GB [ up to 10 hours at 720 dpi]. The Kodak site claims "Record about 20 min per 1 GB at 720p HD at 30 fps. Actual results may vary" At 1080p, you can expect to consume around 110 to 150MB per minute, which is about 14 to 18 minutes of video on a typical 2GB card.
  • Capture still shots- 5 MP 16:9 widescreen HD
  • 2.5-inch LCD on the back
  • Integrated image stabilization - essential for maintaining image quality of fast moving subjects. Can shoot at 60fps, which is best for sports and action, as well as 720p/30fps
  • Great low light - more details and accurate colors
  • Portability - at only 2.4 inches by 4.5 inches by 0.9 inch and weighing 4.8 ounces, its a no-brainer for travel
  • Tripod capable - not sure how it does this, but the Kodak site claims it can be used with a tripod
  • Power Source - charge the Zi8 directly from your computer via the flip-out cable, or use the included AC adapter to connect it to a wall outlet. That means one more piece of hardware I don't have to carry.
  • Colors - comes in black, raspberry and a rather pretty aqua blue


  • The camera doesn't come with an SD card - so this will set you back around $USD55 for an 8G card, which should give you about the same video recording time as the battery. A 32G card will set you back over $100-150.
  • An additional battery will cost around $USD23
  • External microphone - range in price from about $16 to well over $100

Other cool accessories include:

  • Pocket video remote control - around $USD13
  • Adventure mount - capture real hands-free action video by attaching your camera to helmets, handlebars, wherever!


Whilst the claims don't boast that the HD quality is as good as true HD camcorders that have superior lenses and sensors [and cost $$$$ more], the samples I have seen looked good enough for most uses.

Get more information on the Kodak Zi8 HD Pocket Video Camera here on Amazon.

I will certainly be checking this one out further.


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