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What Makes Rollback Rx Unique?  

by Jacob Henderson

Rollback Rx system is a revolutionary system restore software that can fix computer problems by doing a PC restore when you have to get back to an earlier system configuration. Whether you are an end-user or an enterprise IT support organization, Rollback Rx supports you. It can restore computer settings to the point you want in the time it will take you to reboot your PC. This ability of Rollback Rx to repair computer problems even when your operating system is down is unique. What stands out is the speed at which this happens.


Rollback Rx System Restore In Minutes

Nobody likes downtime on his or her PC. While operating system failures are unavoidable, as are other software problems on the PC, Rollback Rx helps you repair computer applications, restoring data and user settings in the span of a PC reboot. With conventional system restore software, which rely on imaging, back up, or duplication of data this could take several hours depending on the magnitude of the problem.


What If The Registry Is Corrupted

Even if your registry is corrupted, Rollback Rx can do a PC restore, bringing your PC back to an operating state. Rollback Rx does not depend on the Microsoft Windows operating system to activate itself. Because it works at the disk level, Rollback Rx is capable of keeping track of and controlling disk I/O. This is what makes it possible for the operating system to be restored intact within the boot cycle, no matter how serious the problem.


Will Rollback Rx Protect My Data?

There is almost no data loss when you use Rollback Rx system restore software. It can restore computer settings to the point where you made the latest backup - to the minute of the system crash or failure. Rollback Rx data protection is complete. When you recover, all data is intact, you get back your user settings along with operation system files and other hardware related system restores. A majority of system recovery software will only rollback to protect system files, hardware drivers and certain other elements. Files are usually lost forever.

Rollback Rx does not hog space on the hard drive, either since it just takes snapshots.

A vital feature of Rollback Rx is that it facilitates both remote and local update, restoration and configuration of all PCs that have Rollback Rx. It does not depend on the hardware of the PC to fix computer problems and supports all Microsoft Windows operating environments like Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP. You don't have to be an expert on computers to use Rollback Rx, as it is very user-friendly.


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