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Overview of Norton Ghost 10.0

by Georgiana

The easiest way to back-up and recover your computer

Norton Ghost 10.0 is a very powerful back-up tool that backs up everything on your computer : applications, settings, operating system, music, private documents, photos including removable media such as :CDs, DVDs and USB drives. There are many features you can use at any time to ensure that your data is backed-up and that your back-ups are being managed in a way that works for you.

Possible Uses

  • Recover selected files and folders from within Windows using a current recovery point when you have lost files, folders, programs, or hardware files on a drive.
  • Recover a drive from within Windows using a current recovery point when you have lost secondary drive such as D or E drive.
  • Recover selected files and folders from within the Symantec recovery environment using a current recovery point when you know which files you need to recover your computer.
  • Recover your entire computer from within the Symantec recovery environment using a current recovery point when you cannot start Windows and you do not know the cause.

System Requirements:

  • OS Required : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP4 or later.
  • Software Requirements : Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
  • System Requirements Details : 300 MHz - RAM 256 MB - HD 160 MB

The section from the main window of the program introduces you to the three primary views within Norton Ghost:

Backup panel: Gives you access to all key backup features of Norton Ghost needed for configuring, scheduling, and backing up your computer.

Recovery panel: Lets you restore your entire computer back to a date and time when it was working normally, restore files and folders, and explore, manage, and optimize recovery points.

The most important features of this program are:

Back-up Now

This is a tool that allows the user to define recovery points similar to Microsoft Windows's own System Restore. Unlike MS Windows, Norton Ghost 10.0 gives access to directly customize back-up options suitable to the user's needs.

To get started you will need to define an initial back-up point. External drives such as USB sticks are the best places to store the recovery points. This easy setup provides protection for each partition on your HDD.

Recover My Computer

This is another important key feature of Norton Ghost 10.0 which helps you restore all your files and settings using the back-up points created previously with Back-Up Now. All you have to do is to hit the View All Recovery Points button on the Recover My Computer window and select from the list below the desire recovery point.

Norton Ghost makes the recovery very easy by letting you browse through the contents of recovery points, as if you are looking at the original files and folders that existed on your computer when the recover point was created. You can restore all lost information to a secondary drive, which is a drive other than the primary drive where Windows is installed (typically C).

For example, if your computer has a D drive and the data has been lost, you can use the recover My Computer feature to restore drive D back to an earlier date and time before data was lost.

Recover My Files

This feature is used if you can run Windows on a trouble computer so you can restore individual files or folders from a recovery point without having to exit windows.

The process is pretty much the same as recovering My Computer, the difference is that this method is used only if you have traced the cause of a computer failure to a certain folder or files, or if you have simply lost important files and do not want to restore your entire computer.

To recover files simply browse the contents of the chosen back-up point from the window above and hit the Recover Files and Folders button.

Copy My Hard Drive

This is an advanced feature of Norton Ghost 10.0 and it's used when upgrading or adding a second hard drive, copy all existing files, programs, and settings directly onto the new drive. If the hard drive you are copying contains more than one partition, you must copy the partitions one at a time to the new hard drive.

Unlike the create Recovery Point wizard, Copy Drives does not create a recovery point file. Instead, it duplicates your drive directly to another drive. The wizard lets you chose the drive you want to clone and the destination drive where you want to save it.

The last wizard window allows you to customize some advanced options such as

Checking source and destination drive for errors Copying MBR(Main Boot Record) if you are cloning a primary partition Destination partition type (primary/logical partition)


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