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Windows Vista 2007


Windows Vista Home Premium

Windows Vista promises high-end visuals supposedly to make finding files, video, images or specific help topics much easier.

It also claims to support the running of multiple applications at once or open numerous webpages, using graphically enhanced tabs.

And then of course, there is the improved security – with wizards, a backup and restore center, as well as Security Control Guidance.

Vista evaluates the hardware components of a computer and run according to its ability. For example, if the computer only has 512KB of RAM accessible it will run in its basic mode but if a GB or more is available it can run it its Aero mode.

All sounds good so far.....and there are a number of versions.

Windows Vista Versions

Home - designed for basic computing; accessing online content, checking email and running popular applications. Also has parental controls. More on Microsoft Windows Vista Home

Home Premium - uses Windows Aero user interface and the Media Center. Windows Aero has three dimensional tool bars and buttons but requires more than a GB of RAM. Go for dual processors, 2–4GB of RAM and 250GB or more of hard drive space. The Home Premium version is also compatible with tablet PCs, supportsWindows Sideshow displays and the media center extender for Xbox 360. More on Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Business - designed for both small and large businesses. Some new features include warnings before potential hardware failures, protection from malware and protection from hardware failure. This version has the Windows Aero interface that makes multitasking easy and helps organize files. The Business version has many tools for mobile commuting including remote access and roaming user profiles. For collaboration it has Windows Meeting Space, where members can exchange files, ‘meet’ in a common area and share edits in a secure environment. More on Microsoft Windows Vista Business

Enterprise – includes all Business features with increased compatability to work with older legacy systems [including UNIX] in large, global organizations. Vista Enterprise comes with multiple language interfaces for 35 common languages, allowing users to switch languages without additional add–ons. More on Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise

Ultimate - includes all business and entertainment aspects. More on Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate

For Entertainment And Media

The Home Premium and the Ultimate version have the complete Media Center. So these versions are great for home entertainment and personal media editing.


Microsoft includes extensive security devices in all Vista versions. It has all of the basics such as the ability to block scripts, pop–ups and questionable downloads, plus for added security, it can encrypt folders and files and limit device installation.

The Vista has Security Control Guidance helps less experienced users take advantage of the full security features.

Windows OneCare, Microsoft’s antivirus package is an add-on package, and BitLocker Drive Encryption is available in the Ultimate and Enterprise versions to protect data in the event of a PC or laptop theft.

For business use, Vista Windows Service Hardening enables administrators to set restrictions on changes to the registry, file systems, network and the use of malware. They also have tools to restrict peer–to–peer file sharing and outbound/inbound filters, a firewall and the ability to run Internet Explorer 7 in a protected mode.


Vista’s Enterprise version includes extensive networking abilities, with all the features of the Business version plus data protection and hardware–based encryption. This version is not intended for small organizations and requires all computers to be covered by Microsoft Software Assurance or a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

Laptop Use

The Vista editions offer more laptop and tablet PC features including the basics like battery saving elements but also has a sleep mode and is ready for flash drives and SideShow functions. Its tablet functions include Windows Tablet and Touch Technology, which supports digital pen and touch screen aspects combined. But in reality, how many users will need this function.

Technical Help/Support

With so many Vista glitches already logged, most issues have been responded to in Microsofts support knowledgebase.


Vista And XP Summary Comparison

  Vista XP Media Center XP Pro
Lowest Price $184.99 $189.99 $109.99 $269.99
Overall Rating  


Home Use  
Office Use
Multimedia/Entertainment Use
Practical Use
Laptop Use
Ease of Use
Technical Help/Support


And now....six months on, let's see what the users say  Windows Vista User Reviews 2007

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