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Apple Mac OS X Leopard


Apple claims the Leopard OS update is "the biggest Mac OS upgrade ever" with over 300 functions.


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Leopard Features With MS Windows Comparatives

Mac OSX Leopard Deskop

64-bit Application Support

Mac Pro systems, Leopard will be fully 64-bit enabled ( Tiger is only partially 64-bit and and only on certain Power PC systems).This equates to Windows XP x64 Edition capabilty: Run 32-bit and 64-bit applications natively, side-by-side.

Time Machine

Time Machine automatically backs up everything on your system and restore earlier versions of files at any time. Works just as Windows Server 2003 Volume Shadow Copy and the client-side service in Windows Vista works.

The Complete Package

Apple is integrating applications like Boot Camp, Photo Booth, and Front Row into Leopard. Previously, these applications were only available with new Macs, or in the case of Boot Camp, as a free public beta download. Sorry, but this is hardly impressive.

Apple Mac OSX Leopard Spaces


Spaces lets you utilize multiple desktops, each of which can contain its own set of applications. The earliest versions of multiple desktops were Linux versions, Microsoft then implemented it in NT-based versions of Windowsand eventually shipped a free version, called Virtual Desktop Manager.


Apple's version of Windows Search will now search other Mac clients and workgroup servers. Microsoft plan to release this functionality in Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 and Longhorn Server in late 2007.

Spotlight will also support advanced search features, like better search syntax, just like Windows Search. It will also be able to launch applications and find recent items.

Apple Mac OS X Leopard Finder


A powered up sidebar groups into categories: places, devices, shared computers, and searches making it easier to find what you need.

Using Cover Flow in the Finder, you can flip through your files. Cover Flow displays each file as a large preview of its first page. And you can page through multipage documents or play movies.

Core Animation

Core Animation is a low-level graphics technology aimed at developers, introducing a new generation of graphically animated application.

Core Animation will not directly benefit end users in Leopard until developers take advantage of it.

Accessibility Improvements

Apple is adding functionality for those with disabilities: Braille support, positional audio cues, and extended keyboard capability, in addition to closed captioning. The voice is pretty much like Vista's voice synthesis.


Apple's Mail application (often called Mail.app in reference to its beginnings on the NeXT platform) is being updated with some truly lame features: Stationary, notes, to-do notes, and RSS.

These aren't major features, and they're certainly not worthy of the time Jobs gave them during the keynote. Outlook Express users have been clogging the Internet with Stationary-based HTML email for a decade, and it's as unwelcome now as ever.

Dashcode and Dashboard Improvements

Dashcode lets developers build Dashboard widgets with templates, debugging tools, a visual editor for CSS, and other tools. To sync Dashboard widget preferences to two or more Macs, users must subscribe to a $69.99 a year Mac service. Yeah right!


Leopard will include an enhanced version of iChat that includes multiple-logon support, invisibility, animated buddy icons, video chat recording, and tabbed chats. Pity they didn't think more about chat on iPhone instead!


iPhone Mac OS X Leopard

Apple's new iPhone runs a version of the company's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.


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