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Backing Up Software Programs


Program - Backup Copy

Most software licensing agreements allow you to make a full "storage" backup copy of the program after purchasing and entering your unlock code.

The backup copy will have the same serial number as the original and will not need an unlock code. We strongly advise you to make such a backup copy, to be used for a "reinstall" in case of computer malfunction or other technical difficulties.

A backup copy will also be used if you need to put our program onto a new computer.

We recommend frequent backups (with data) to prevent loss of records.


What Not To Copy

Do not copy the Installer file, if it remains on your hard drive after the installation is complete. You should delete this installer file if it is present, to prevent accidental re-installation

Do not copy the shortcut located on the desktop. This is not the entire program, and will not be an effective backup.


To Copy Downloaded Software

When you download software online, it pays to keep all software install packages in a separate directory, then back up this directory.

When you install the program, the installed version is usually located in its own folder in the 'Programs' directory on your C: Drive.

To back up downloaded software, you only need to copy the Downloaded Programs folder.

On the Existing Computer:

Go to: My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Downloaded Programs

Copy the entire "Downloaded Programs" Folder to your backup location or device (CD-R, Zip disk or USB key drive, etc).

Just drag-and-drop the Downloaded Programs Folder into your backup location.

On the New Computer

You can reinstall each program - note, you may have to reverify or reauthenticate the software online. In some cases a verification cookie can be found in your Cookies folder. In this case, simply copy the cookie folder also to your new computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only reinstall most software programs on a new computer when deleting the original version off the old computer. Having two working copies does not constitute a 'back up copy'

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