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LG VX-8700


LG8100 phone lovers, take note, a new kid is on the block with better features, terrific sound, thoughtful software and sex appeal — I'm talking about the LG8700.

This silver, brushed devil is super-thin and flip design. Looking much like the ever popular Motorola RAZR.

At closer inspection, the LG model is heavier, more jewel-like, more high-end. Some say "it was the best-looking phone in the store".

But looks aren't everything, especially in a cellular phone. So read on -

  • The sound quality is crystal clear.
  • The screen vibrantly brilliant.
  • The 2-megapixel camera snap inspiring

And it's Bluetooth enabled. That means you can send and receive files, and use it as a wireless Internet modem for your laptop. [ requires data plan].

At $180, you deserve a treat.

User Feedback

Just to be sure that we tell the whole story....there are a few downsides.

  • Form Factor - That slick styling can make this phone hard to hold.
  • Keypad - Those flat, flat etched keys aren't as easy to dial as most phones - you need to keep your eyes peeled as mistakes are easy.
  • Vibrate - The vibrate mode is a little on the 'delicate' side - that is, its hard to detect.
  • Music - a number of users report issues with the phone displaying the full list of mp3 files. Verizon Wireless offer no solution for this problem. SOLUTION - It seems the problem here may be that some file names are too long. Right-click on the mp3's that aren't being recognized by your phone [either on your comp or open your sd card's my_music file on your computer and follow the same process] and select the rename option, then shorten the name. Then try them in your phone again. Users that have tried this claim it fixed the problem. Sounds like a bit of archaic software.
  • microSD card slot - a few problems also reported with the phone recognizing microSD cards. SanDisk claim not all devices will recognize the new SDHC format yet until drivers get released for it. Don't accept being told its the fault of the calbe - . It's not the cable.The provided Micro SD card adapter just does not recognise SDHC cards - yet....watch out for new drivers.

So if you have large hands and need a robust phone for robust activity, the LG 8700 may not be for you. You are better off with the trusty, less glamorous LG8300.

Check the above issues with your Verizon Wireless dealer BEFORE you purchse. And keep a record of responses.

Other LG Cellphones

LG U400 - slider phone is the new 3G capable music phone and scroll wheel menu...more on the LG U400

LG 8300 - has the same intelligent menu system, and it's built like a rock - some say, a nearly perfect cellphone....more on the LG 8300


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