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Blackberry Storm 9530


General Description

The Blackberry Storm 9530 is an impressive alternative to the iPhone from Apple. Both are great smart phones and personal preferences will determine which smartphone suits you best.

This proud addition to the already impressive Blackberry family will impress you with its features.


Form Factor

The Blackberry Storm is not as lightweight as you might expect, largely due to its many hardware features. Most owners find these business-oriented features indispensable, and the Storm to still be compact enough at 155g (5.47 oz).

Solid looks and great build quality. Everything you need is packed into its 4.43 x 2.45 x 0.54 inch frame. That is incredible engineering in maximizing valuable handset real estate.

Key Features

The Blackberry Storm has an added unique feature not found in other smartphones.

Touch Screen - Blackberry have added a "clickability" feature to its unusual fluid capacitive touch screen technology. This new touch screen experience is credited to its patented award-winning SurePress screen.

Great display - with landscape virtual QWERTY keyboard. A high resolution at 360 x 480 pixels (65,536 colours) allows easy and comfortable reading of messages even in broad daylight.

Bluetooth and USB - make file sharing easy. Important business documents can be opened and edited in word text files, spreadsheets, PDF and PowerPoint. NOTE - this handset does not come with a Wi-Fi.


3.2 Megapixel Camera phone

Media Player for music, movies, and pictures

Excellent audio quality. This handset is great for holding conversations even in noisy areas. It comes with the 3.5mm standard audio jack. That also makes listening to music a real pleasure.

This handset also comes preloaded with Blackberry maps and has a GPS built into it. In short, all the basic things you will need come with the box already.


- 1 GB of storage memory

- Li-ion Battery

- MicroSD slot

High speed memory capacity. The Blackberry 9500 Storm handset comes with a 624MHz CPU with 128 MB RAM. Its 1GB internal storage is hot-swappable and expandable up to 8GB.


Varies by provider - click here to check the best prices on Amazon for BlackBerry Storm 9530 Phone, Black (Verizon Wireless) .


The Blackberry Storm comes with all the expected accessories: Premium Leather Side Carry Case, Custom Screen Protector, Rapid Car Charger, Home Wall Charger, Generation X Antenna Booster.


Most cellphone users have the ability to unlock their phone from their service provider on their wishlist, and Blackberry Storm owners are no exception. You have the choice when you buy any cellphone or smartphone to pay a higher 'unlocked' price, or a lower 'subsidised' handset locked to a particular service plan. See How to Unlock Your Cellphone.

Overall Summary

With the most advanced touch screen phone ever to be released, this new handset from Blackberry is certainly worth checking out - read other user reviews on Amazon. This is the first Blackberry handset that I feel confident will captivate more than the core Blackberry users. A great competitor to stoic users of iPhone, Apple, Omnia and Diamond.

The Blackberry Storm will not disappoint those who want a very user-friendly smartphone.

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