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Apple iPhone User Reviews


Apple's iPhone, a combination cellular phone, ipod and internet device, was recently launched and initial user reviews are coming in fast.

For a preliminary Video of the iPhone

Key Features

Key features demonstrated:

  1. Synchs with your computer contacts with a single click
  2. Check voice mail using Visual voice mail - you can screen headers and select only those voice messages you want.
  3. Apple claim it as the best ipod ever made - select music by artist, select the tune and the album cover comes up
  4. Cover-flow mode lets you select any album you want using cover graphics
  5. Internet communication for email - imap and pop servers, or search the web using the advanced browser.
  6. Photo application
  7. One super cool feature is if you rotate the phone 90 degrees, the picture automatically changes from vertical to landscape.

Not bad for $499 - but let's see how the service incidents hold up over the next six months.


iPhone Scratch And Stress Test

YouTube is already full of videos showing iPhones that have crashed and burned, some on their first day out. So we found a scratch and crash test we thought typified the average "abuse" the new iPhone would encounter on a daily basis. Watch as PC World put the iphone through some stress and scratch tests.


More iPhone Features

And if that's not enough features for you...check out this fun iPhone Ad for more innovative uses for the iPhone.


More iPhone Review Notes

We will keep you updated as user reviews on the iPhone come to hand.

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