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The Best Cellphone Carrier


A recent CNET review revealed what users thought about their cellphone network carrier.

A summary of feedback disclosed that different customers had different ideas on what was best, but overall the following were the guiding values:

  1. Service is always available - no dropped calls
  2. An affordable range of service plans
  3. Good selection of phones

Top National Carriers

  1. T-Mobile - America's fourth largest wireless provider, came out on top.
  2. Verizon Wireless
  3. Sprint Nextel
  4. AT&T (formerly Cingular)

Top Regional Carriers

  1. Alltel
  2. U.S. Cellular

What Users Loved Most

  1. T-Mobile - customer service and service plan selection
  2. Verizon - network
  3. Sprint - service features
  4. AT&T - phone selection

Taking a closer look at each wireless network carrier, the responses were pretty well divided as to who shone in which area.


The Good

  1. Tech support - answer the phone promptly and always polite. Issues get
  2. Inexpensive plans and lack of restrictions.
  3. Phone selection - though not as extensive as AT&T's.

The Bad

  1. Reception outside urban areas
  2. Lack of 3G and push-to-talk networks.

Verizon Wireless

The Good

  1. The network - phones works everywhere with less dropped calls
  2. Selection of high-end services - V Cast Mobile TV and V Cast Music
  3. Selection of phones

The Bad

  1. Its plans - too expensive
  2. Restrictive practices - toward Bluetooth and third-party applications on its phones.

Sprint Nextel

The Good

  1. Network - but not as good as Verizon. Good reports on both the EV-DO network and iDEN network
  2. Flexible service plans
  3. Power Vision multimedia programming
  4. Unique business-friendly offerings

The Bad

  1. Customer service
  2. Phone selection.


The Good

  1. Extensive phone selection
  2. Inexpensive plans
  3. Broad international coverage

The Bad

  1. Customer service
  2. Domestic Network - dropped calls

Well, that's it from the users of USA wireless networks. We will take a look again in 2008 and see what's changed!


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