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Car Rental Companies - Better Safe than Sorry

Just when you thought you made the most of your family vacation by double checking your reservations and bookings something went wrong and your stuck without a vehicle when you really need one the most. This could Even happen on a business trip often requiring the use of a rental car. For many travellers, however, the added expense really hurts a trip budget and / or a company's bottom line. Some like Going with the big names to take in some good cost savings, but did you ever consider what what with the cheap rental car options?

To make a long story short, the answer is ofcourse you have, but it is always a case of buyer beware, or in this case renter beware. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, when a rental car is needed, quality is always a must. So next time you have to get a car, cheap equals affordable, but certainly operable. Cheap never equals garbage in the case of a car rental.

While keeping the need for quality in mind, one must try to find good deals on decent rental cars whenever and wherever possible. Cheap cars come from smaller rental car companies, those companies that lease scratch-and-dent models and even some of the bigger name companies that offer some super deals. The best way, bar none, to find the best price in rental cars is as always to shop around. Sounds pretty simple, but never the less, it's true. No matter what your destination lmight be, if there's an airport or mass transit station in a certain area, you can bet there will be car rental companies around. Most of these companies will have their own web sites and have set up on them good listings on the web as well as in phone books.

Check out as many of those web sites as you can and make phone calls. Look for competing companies in the location you're intending to visit. Sometimes you can get free quotes online, this factor makes comparison shopping quick and very easy, too. What ever you do, Don't settle for the first or second price you find if finding a cheaper price is a desirable factor. Don't forget that the smaller, independent companies probably offer better rates. Check them out at your destination location. Don't forget that sometimes these places have service close to the general area. This means that a car picked up at a certain location must be returned to that same location at the end of the rental period. An arrangement of this type usually works well for family trips or business trips that provide for a fairly localized stay, but it will not do any good for the traveler who must drive to a rental car company at another destination, enjoy a vacation and then return the car and somehow get back to the airport and fly back home.

It will help to read the fine print on the different web sites that you check out. This is very important for understanding the kind of guarantees that the companies offers. If you're calling them on the phone, remember to specifically ask.Scratches and or dents on rental cars can often save some money, as well. These lower shelf car rental shops generally are pretty small and quite localized. You can be sure the company's regulations fit in with your trip by checking out the details with the company's guidelines and looking the company up at the local better business bureau for any major complaints. A rent a wreck can be great for saving cash, but when "damage" goes beyond some minor cosmetic issues, the car might be a problem even for a short rental.

In summation, when renting a car, it's a good idea to investigate what you're getting in to. Check around and shop prices, dont be afraid to ask companies to match prices and compete for your business, but always keep in mind your vacation or your business trip is going to be riding on the some one elses wheels, so a safe car is an absolute must.

Cheap rental car companies are easy to find. As long as you find them reputable, you will be in good shape.

These helpful hints and more can be found from this fantastic trainer, or other equaly informative rental car business experts, all on line at and can be found working on line at http://www.econorentalsny.com


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