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Car DVD Players


Multimedia generally refers to automobile systems that offer audio and video options.
Car multimedia systems include:

  • Car video players
  • Car DVD players
  • Surround sound options

Car DVD players are referred to in terms of media played; DVD-Video and DVD-Audio, Security and Navigation Systems.

This is where telematics and multimedia tend to overlap. Previously options for onboard visual entertainment were restricted to a television and VCR for rear-seat passengers.

Recent releases of in-dash LCDs, DVD-Video playback for movies and navigation information, and complete surround sound systems are becoming standard add-ons. To make these systems easy and safe for the driver to operate, single controllers are available; these are what we call multimedia systems. Many country and state laws prohibit the visibility or control of visual media systems from the drivers position when the car is in motion.


Features Of Multi Media Vehicle Systems

There are many combinations of multimedia systems for vehicles. In most cases, one feature will dominate and therefore classify the unit to a particular category. For instance, many GPS navigation systems than use mapping CD's/DVD's will also play and display standard movie DVD's. So check carefully, and take time to consider all the media requirements. You may find you can reduce the number of media devices in your vehicle.

  • Built-in video monitor – are either motorized to fit into the dashboard, or tilt away from the driver to avoid distractions. Other systems only use rear-seat viewable monitors.
  • Driver navigation systems – allow viewing by the driver.
  • TV tuner - with station presets and station scanning.
  • CD and/or DVD changer – may alter the systems' ultimate functionality.
  • Rear-seat headphone monitors
  • Multizone playback
  • Combination systems - back-seat passengers can view a DVD movie whilst a music CD plays for front seat passengers.
  • AM/FM tuner
  • Digital signal processing - includes amplification, equalization, and decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS signals from a DVD. Look for 5.1 surround sound using a small, amplified center-channel speaker on the dash-mounted unit.
  • System Terminology - varies from system to system, manufacturer to manufacturer.

Check system components carefully, some systems include only the controllers and require purchase of additional monitors, signal processors, and DVD or VCR players.


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