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Cordless Headsets: Advantages & Uses

By: Waldo Dingman

Cordless headsets are basically used with either your cordless phone or cell phone. The reason behind the headset is to have your hands free for other activities. For example, you could do dishes while talking on the phone or taking out the trash. The headset is perfect for people who lead very busy lives, for the mom who has to go grocery shopping, take the kids to practice and discuss things over the telephone at the same time.

Cordless headsets are perfect for people who need to multi-task. With the headset your hands are free to do other things. For example a secretary can talk, type and file all at the same time. Business men can accomplish many things at one time by using a headset, so they will get done quicker to allow time for more important things. A person can exercise and talk on the phone at the same time, as well. Also, it makes driving and talking on your phone much safer than if you were holding the phone up to your ear.

The cordless headset can come in a variety of different styles. One style is the type that goes over the top of your head with padded speakers to minimize outside noise. Another great style goes around the back of your head, also with padded speakers. We can't forget the style that goes just over one ear and one that just has a small ear plug. The first two styles are much better than the second two. The first two do a great deal to minimize noise while the other two styles of headsets do not.

There are many different brands of cordless headsets. Here is a list of some of the different brand names that you will find. Plantronics, Logitech, AT&T, VTech, Uniden and Ingenuis. However, there are many other brands, but these were just a few examples. There are also headsets designed for the hearing impaired, that will give anyone who has a hearing problem a louder volume for ease of use.

Cordless headsets are great for people who might take a lot of dictation so their hands are free to type, it is also true for people who are Transcriptionist. The headsets that have the padded speakers are best so they can hear every word clearly, which makes their job easier.

Cordless headsets are very popular and very useful in this day and time when everyone is in a hurry and trying to accomplish many things at one time. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day so people try to do as many things at one time that they can. It is not uncommon today to see people at the shopping center or the office that are using a headset. We accomplish a lot today, but the headset lets us do it quicker so we can spend our time doing things we enjoy.

The cordless headset has changed the way we do things and the speed in which we get things accomplished. There are some people that could not get through the day without using a headset. It has become a part of some people's lives and they could not function without it. Certain people might have thought it was a passing phase but the headset will be around a long time and is getting more and more popular all the time. They are also becoming more sophisticated as the years go by.

Waldo has been a sound technician at a recording studio for over ten years. In his line of work, he has tested literally hundreds of different headsets and on www.bigheadset.com , he shares his in-depth analysis of different brands, models and Bluetooth headset reviews.



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