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Nokia 6230i: A Highly Recommendable Phone With No Shortcomings

Here is a mobile phone from Nokia in the form of Nokia 6230i, ready to attract those who are waiting for the replacement of Nokia 6310i and didn t buy Nokia 6230. May be you are a businessperson or a personal user with a hunger for technology, this Nokia phone will be an ideal choice for you.

The Nokia 6230i is an upgraded version of the highly successful and popular Nokia 6230. The 6230i, released in the first quarter of 2005 was a welcome option for those who wanted a Nokia Phone minus the shortcomings of Nokia 6230. When you keep in mind that the Nokia 6230i is not manufactured during the cutting edge of mobile phone technology, you cannot but appreciate the very good mix of features in a tried-and-tested user-friendly design.

The 6230i has a decent 65k screen with a bright active matrix display and a good resolution. The 1.3 megapixel camera with the video recorder capable of recording for up to 1 hour, instead of just short clips, is as good as most current camera phones. One of the most highly wanted additions made in this Nokia phone is the installation of a memory card that can be expanded up to 512 Mbytes. This provides enough space for storing videos and MP3 tracks.

So far connectivity is concerned the 6230i has it all: wireless Bluetooth capability, plus USB cable and infrared options. To provide fast Internet access there is EDGE high-speed data transfer, and for viewing websites the phone has an XHTML browser. The option of Email is also available in the phone.

The phone is enriched with a range of voice features including voice dialling, voice commands and an integrated handsfree speaker. Considering all these features, it can be said that the 6230i is an excellent all-round performer, well equipped to meet the need of the most demanding mobile phone users from diverse classes.



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