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Is Talking Or Texting On Your Cellphone More Dangerous When Driving?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Do you think talking on a cellphone whilst driving is safer than texting on a cellphone whilst driving?  You may be surprised…I certainly was.

I was watching an interesting program on television last night about this very thing. A parent was horrified that her teenage daughter was constantly receiving and sending text messages whilst driving. She also admitted that she spoke almost constantly on her cellphones whilst driving, using a handsfree kit. She felt this was safer than her daughters habit. So the local safety authorities took up the challenge to prove exactly which interaction was more distracting…….and the texting won. Texting proved safer than talking on a mobile phone even using a handsfree set up.

The reason it seems, is that texting, like using your GPS, is something that is within your control in terms of concentration. The drivers tested generally deferred any inputs if they were in close proximity to other vehicles or negotiating more hazardous road conditions.

Those speaking on mobile phones, however, were largely at the mercy of the person on the other end. Their interaction required concentration on the other person at all times. And this proved to cause more accidents than expected.

So there it is. Personally, I don’t believe in either. I don’t have too much problem disengaging my conversation when I need to concentrate more, and I find people talking to me in the car, or loud music even worse.

Each to his/her own I guess?

Whats your thought.