About Masher

You, the consumer are now in CONTROL.  How scary is that!

No generation before has ever had the product and corporate transparency available today. Information is available and it is demanded, even expected as part of the product packaging.

Consumers are no longer stupid! …. well, that’s going to cause a few headaches for many marketing managers and advertisers. They also don’t tolerate companies being sneaky.

Its either “be up front” or “be behind” for manufacturers and service providers.

Go-Reviews is about informing the consumer about products and services. We give you general pre purchase information on the product type; then add specific product reviews, so that your decisions are more informed than ever.

And The Masher is with you on this.

It’s the Mashers job to elevate the profile of hot products and to those that attempt to mislead the customer or under-deliver – well, they get MASHED!

So let us know what experiences you have and help The Masher keep others informed.

Go-Reviews Team 

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