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The Latest Laptop Luxury

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

I have just had a couple of great days – you see, every two years I upgrade my laptop. This time around I left it a little longer to wait for the feedback on the best specs to run Windows Vista – not from the sales people, but from those who work in multimedia and understand the multi-tasking load in using a non Mac PC.

Now before you Mac lovers get in a frenzy – I love Mac’s also. But unfortunately, I deal in a lot of advanced technology and programs that are never released in Mac version at the time of the PC version. So the only way I can test them for real, is to use a PC.

With the explosion of multimedia over the past 12 months, my once very sexy up-spec’d top of the line Packard Bell is rather ‘under performing’. Mostly since Trend Mico updated their 2007 software [But don’t get me started on that one!!].

 Anyway, I look forward to this moment with great joy and have spent the past two days reviewing the best offers on the market to match up to my required spec. In the end I purchased A Dell Inspiron 1520 and did a major upgrade of most components to get it to the level I wanted. Hardest part was picking the color. Tempted with the hot pink – not sure it would go down too well in my consulting contracts…..for a full review of the best specs to support Vista and 3D check out my findings in this article ‘Customizing Your Laptop Upgrade’