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Hot Tech Predictions For 2007…Or Not?

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

CNET is one of my favourite tech sites. One of the reasons, is that they are pretty hot at accurately predicting what is likely to happen with technology in the next 12 months. CNET Executive Editor David Carnoy predictions for 2006 came out pretty darn well [5/6 ] when he predicted: 

  1. 42-inch high-res plasma tv’s would hit the $1,000  price mark by Thanksgiving

  2. PS3 barely making the holidays

  3. No PSP 2 until ’07

  4. HD-DVD and Blu-ray battle to 0-0 draw

  5. CableCard dies out

  6. Apple will release a real video iPod by May – the only prediction to be out by a year!

So I was keen to see what his predictions are for 2007:

  1. The HD vs Blu-Ray battle will stay alive, with sluggish sales other than from gaming consoles Xbox 360 and PS3. Will the market die if one does not bow out? CNET predict HD DVD surrendering by September. This will clear the way for standardised downloadable DVD formats.

  2. 60-inch plasmas selling for $3000 by year  [Vizio announced it would begin selling a $3,000 60-inch plasma by the end of February]

  3. Windows XP users will only upgrade to Vista, when buying a new PC.  Having 5 options won’t help decision making.

  4. Enhanced Digital Photo frames will get hot boosted by some good reviews

  5. A Sony Playstation 3 revival by mid year as games availability flourishes

  6. No SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) TVs commercially available until  2008.

Masher Adds: 

  • HG already introduced a player that works in both formats. HG is a company worth watching over the next few years.

  • Has Microsoft gone too far in Vista, with its computer controlling OS. It is set up to degrade the quality of HD DVDs to enforce copy protection by the paranoid movie industry. I predict an upsurge in hacking due to a new challenge. A whole lot of resources are going to be used to run this crap. Already the naming conventions are bubbling with the likes of  Bloatware, Microflop.

One forum response [larry123] predicted:

  • “For those who upgrade, spending lots of money for parts, tranquilizers and hours on the phone.
  • For those buying Vista preloaded, lots money spent on tranquilizers and hours on the phone.
  • For the Hackers, lots of new vunerablities to be found and exploited.
  • For Microsoft teck support lots of overtime. And job security for those who write the patches.
  • And, for the antivirus/antispyware makers a bunch of new cash!”

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Word From The Masher

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

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