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Samsung LA40A750R1M – Great Style, Great Picture & So Much More

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

The newly released Series 7 Samsung_LA40A750R1M is top of the heap in both technology and style. It’s the near perfect picture that rival plasma television makers have feared would eventually happen.

This model is a marvel of integrated technology innovation, energy saving, slick sophisticated design and interactive content and connectivity to make other TV manufactures sit up and take notice.

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Blackberry Storm – More Than Just a Name!

Friday, December 5th, 2008

It seems RIM’s latest release the ‘Blackberry Storm’ has been well named, and is certainly living up to its reputation.

Reports from several sources indicate that buyers are not happy, with complaints ranging from being “frustrated, confused and bewildered by the device” to “absolute nightmare”

Whilst attempting to offer a similar user experience to the iPhone, Blackberry Storm users are finding the user interface difficult to use, and lag times frustrating. First indications are that the device is not living up to quality claims either in design or functionality.

  • User Interface – select an icon and it jumps over to navigate to the function linked to the next icon
  • Address Book – having to scroll through a whole letter section to get to a contact
  • Slow navigation, scrolling, selecting applications
  • Crashing – playing movies
  • Typing – not easy to use and keyboard takes too long to appear
  • Scrolling – insufficient vertical scroll

Not good news for those who have waited a year to upgrade to Storm from Treo…some suggest you go back to the BlackBerry 8330 instead.

But for those who have no need to do anything in a hurry and have small enough fingers to make inputs very precise – the Storm…well it’s just in a teacup and the device works fine.

The Blackberry has a long history of good products and an equally strong cult like following as Apple. It was not until the third quarter of 2008 that Apple took over the top spot as the world’s best-selling smartphone – 6.9 million to Blackberry’s 6.1 million. But the battle is not over yet. We must be wary of first reaction reviews and wait sufficient time for a wider range of users to provide feedback on the various funcitonality and features of the device.

In the meantime – I think I will just wait and see.


Customised Ringtones For iPhone

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Apple has unveiled the feature set for the next version of iPhone. One of these is custom ringtones -30-second snippets from pop songs. These snippets are an industry in themselves earning $5 billion a year, worldwide. At present only about half a million of the store’s 6 million songs are available as ringtones. More are following once Apple gets permission from the record companies, for each sone.
Heres how it works –

  1. Set the options to display the ringtone icon – View menu > View Options > Click Ringtone checkbox.
  2. Buy a song from Apple’s iTunes store for $1that bears the little bell [ringtone] icon.
  3. Download the song to the iTunes program on your Mac or PC
  4. Click the little bell icon to open up a the ringtone editor.
  5. Select a slice of the song, between 3 and 30 seconds long
  6. Set options to either loop or fade in or out.
  7. Buy the ringtone for another $1 and transfer it to your iPhone.

Apple is selling a ringtone and the full song together for $2, that’s a bargain when you consider that the clip lasts a lifetime and the price of ringtones from Telcos

Pop song ringtones from:

T-Mobile and Sprint – $2.50 each

Verizon – $3 each

NOTE: Incredibly, Sprint ringtones only last 90 days before you have to pay another $2.50 to keep it. Verizon’s last only a year.

AND you don’t get to customize them, choose the start and end points, adjust the looping and so on.

Not sure that I agree that you should have to pay more to “play” the ringtone on your phone – surely it is no different than playing a clip on your CD player, MP3 or PC. With the number of free ringtones available from countless dubious sources, it seems to be a common agreement….but if you have to have one….it seems like the deal from Apple is hot.

One more up for Apple!

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Cellphone Wars Hotting Up

Monday, June 25th, 2007

As the impending launch of the Apple iPhone will rocket IP cellphones into a new orbit [expect an announcement June 26], it brought my focus back to not only cellphones, but to wireless carriers.

Obviously, there is no point having sexy cellphones, without the carrier services. So I took a wee peek and found some interesting user reviews of the main wireless network carriers USA. (more…)