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PC Data – Choosing A Data Back Up Program

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

In advance of actioning my bi-annual laptop replacement I thought it time I did a review on the latest programs in data back up and also programs. I needed something to mirror my drive – data, programs, the works, and then another program to wipe my hard drive clean enough to give even the forensic team a hard time.

I was amazed at how many fantastic data back up programs are now available as freeware. They appear to have all the features of purchased programs and none of the problems of the standard ghastly Microsoft included versions such as MS Synctoy. Thought that was pretty well named – compared to other programs out there the Microsoft Vista offering is only a toy, and probably not even worth time playing with it.

My best picks [so far] are:

  • For FTP data backup– SyncBack and Save2FTP
  • For external drive data backup – AISBackup [love anything that’s drag and drop]

Check out the full reviews:

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Would love to hear your suggestions.