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GPS Navigation Market Roundup

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

TomTom, the market leader in satellite-navigation devices, made formal its offer to buy Tele Atlas, a maker of digital maps, after Garmin conceded defeat for its rival bid. TomTom amassed a 28% stake in Tele Atlas, its Dutch compatriot, during negotiations.

Will Kindle Ignite The Passion of Readers?

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Amazon Kindle Book ReaderAmazons launched its electronic-book reader, Kindle, this week. Analysts are mixed as to its likely success, with some reminding up of the launch of the iPod in 2001 attracting adverse comments as to its likelihood to fly, especially with such a “silly name”.

The book reader is not the first product of this type, but are its additional, unexpected features enough to drive its adoption.

Books for use with the reader cost just $10 and can be bought from Amazons online store via a built-in free cellular connection. This means there is no need for a PC.

Users can also pay to subscribe to newspaper and magazine articles and blog feeds.

Of the device itself, critics are calling it “clunky” and say its capability to carry hundreds of books at one fails to solve a universal problem. The 4.9 inch x 7.7 inch x 0.7 inch book reader device comes equipped with a 6-inch 800 x 600 display, 256MB internal storage [not a lot], small two-thumb keyboard cursor bar [could be difficult for large thumbs], scroll wheel, standard mini USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD slot, and an EV-DO data connection.

However, for commuters, travellers, and those who like to live in minimalism, the device could hold some value.

A sample of the content Kindle will have access to includes:

  • More than 88,000 books available, including most best sellers.
  • Free book samples – download and read first chapters for free before you decide to buy.
  • Top U.S. and International newspapers – delivered automatically
  • Top magazines – TIME, Atlantic Monthly, and Forbes
  • International newspapers – France, Germany, and Ireland; Le Monde, Frankfurter Allgemeine, and The Irish Times
  • Over 250 top blogs from the worlds of business, technology, sports, entertainment, and politics

Like any other new gadget, only time will tell…although early indications are that it is going to surprise a few skeptics. The device is already sold out, but you can get find out more about Kindle and get your order in line for the next delivery here


The Latest Laptop Luxury

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

I have just had a couple of great days – you see, every two years I upgrade my laptop. This time around I left it a little longer to wait for the feedback on the best specs to run Windows Vista – not from the sales people, but from those who work in multimedia and understand the multi-tasking load in using a non Mac PC.

Now before you Mac lovers get in a frenzy – I love Mac’s also. But unfortunately, I deal in a lot of advanced technology and programs that are never released in Mac version at the time of the PC version. So the only way I can test them for real, is to use a PC.

With the explosion of multimedia over the past 12 months, my once very sexy up-spec’d top of the line Packard Bell is rather ‘under performing’. Mostly since Trend Mico updated their 2007 software [But don’t get me started on that one!!].

 Anyway, I look forward to this moment with great joy and have spent the past two days reviewing the best offers on the market to match up to my required spec. In the end I purchased A Dell Inspiron 1520 and did a major upgrade of most components to get it to the level I wanted. Hardest part was picking the color. Tempted with the hot pink – not sure it would go down too well in my consulting contracts…..for a full review of the best specs to support Vista and 3D check out my findings in this article ‘Customizing Your Laptop Upgrade’